2D Christmas tree

There was no Christmas feeling this year. Because the feeling was not right, I did not want to have a Christmas tree in our room. I was looking for alternatives to the kids. Not classical things are fashionable. It is innovative to do it yourself and in a different way than usual. Do not be afraid to change traditions. If you think a classic Christmas tree is not fit for your home or you are not ready for it, you can find the coolest option. Pinterest offers a wide range of solutions, and combining them, you can make something completely new and exciting.

I found the idea of ​​2D Christmas trees on the Internet. I decided to take those inspiration. I made the final decision when looking at these pictures.

Last year I made a great advent calendar for children on the wall. With a ribbon I hanged small packs with surprises on the branches. The joy lasted until Christmas come. The frame of this calendar was still there, and now these branches were re-launched. Recycle is pop and helps save nature.

A Christmas tree hung on the wall is an amazing space saver—you’ll be free from constantly running into a tree set up in the middle of a room. This wall tree is particularly magical, made up of natural tree branches, lights and ribbon. Pieces of twine bring it all together, creating a one-piece wall hanging.

This decoration is good after Christmas put away. It takes a little space and the next year is easy to hang around. And while you do not want to use it anymore, remove the ornaments and put the branches into the fire or the bin.

How to make this Christmas tree on your wall?

To do this you need:

  • Somewhat thicker axes. I used three branches, but if you want bigger tree you need more.
  • The twine
  • Ornaments of your choice. I used Christmas lights and ribbon.

How to?

I cut three branches into six so that everyone was different in length.

I set the branches in the shape of a Christmas tree. The shortest is the highest and the longest is the lowest.

I hooked the branches together. I left the breeches to hang up nicely. It can also be put up without gaps, but then more branches are needed. To the top of the forehead, I also attached the cloak to hang.

I climbed the wall and started to decorate. The ties were already before the branches. Packs hung on the branches with them. These ties were nice and I left them. Next, I put some Christmas lights on it. They’re here. I added a ribbon to the top. It covers the batteries of the lights.

I think it came out extremely beautiful. Even the mood of Christmas started quietly with this.

When I did it, my bigger child was home. I did not tell him what I was doing and at first he was examining what I was doing. Still did not want to say. I told you to be patient and see how it looks. She soon became aware that it was spruce. He liked it so much that he was a great help in twisting the lights. She was eager to wait for the lights to light up.

Anyway, we liked this alternative for our family. When the Christmas sensation arrived, the classical Christmas tree found its way into the room. It’s still an Faux Christmas Tree, but with children it’s more comfortable. Otherwise, all the places are full of thorns.

Get creative with your Christmas tree this year! Find inspiration from Pinterest. It helped me. Maybe it will help you too.

Merry Christmas to everyone in this world.

It’s not too late to create a festive mood for your home. Christmas is more fun than having little ornaments at home.

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