9 Spring wreath ideas

Bring the bright colors of spring into your home with a colorful wreath. Use burlap ribbon and moss for a rustic look, or decorate with vibrant felt flowers. Be inspired by nature by making a wreath of tulips or succulents. Start crafting away and have the kids join in the on the fun in making these 9 DIY Spring Wreaths…

    • Spring Wreath. Let’s have a look at a few designs that celebrate spring. One of them can be found on hobbycraft. It uses a simple rattan wreath which is decorated with moss, paper flowers and which also featured a mini nest with two cute little pink eggs in it.
    • A Tulip Wreath. A tutorial for a DIY tulip wreath can be found on polkadotchair. To make one that looks just like it you’ll need a grapevine wreath, a bunch of tulip stems, wire cutters, burlap ribbon, floral wire and a hot glue gun. You can start with the burlap bow. Give it shape with floral wire. Then cut down some tulip steps and place them on the wreath. Glue them down when you’re happy with how they’re organized. The bow should cover come of the tulip stems. You can then loosely wrap some burlap ribbon around the rest of the wreath.

    • Satin Flowers Spring Wreath. All you need for this project is a blank Styrofoam wreathstraight pins, lighter or candle, paper brads and satin fabric in the colors you choose. You can find how to make it here.

    • Spring wreath with butterflies. How to make video here.

    • Adorable and Easy, No Sew Fabric Wreath. All you need to make a fabric wreath for any holiday is a couple yards of fabric, that pesky wire hanger and a pair of good scissors. Pick out two to four complementary prints or solids. You really can make a wreath for any occasion – to decorate for Christmas or autumn or the Fourth of July, to match your front porch or kitchen walls, or even to cheer on your favorite team. Beautyandbedlam teaches it here.

    • Pottery Barn-inspired Spring Butterfly Wreath. Tatertotsandjello teaches it.

    • Garden hose wreath at Create. Craft. Love.
    • Moss & Twine Birdhouse Wreath. Craftiments makes it.

    • Spring Baby Grass Wreath. You will need a foam wreath form ( use styrofoam wreath), yarn (use Fur Yarn in Lime Green), a daisy trim (use daisy trim, but you could use any you like), and long pearlized pink pins (1 1/2″).

These DIYs will inspire you to head to the craft store, or even your garden, for some beautiful-yet-easy decorations.

Which DIY Wreath are you going to DIY? I’m thinking it’s time for me to head to the craft store and step up my wreath game!

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