Collage with kids

I decided to let kids practice cutting with scissors. For a twist on cut and glue paper collage. There are so many possibilities and it’s great for kids of all ages (adults too, ahem!). I love how they turned out!

Supplies for Collages:

  • background paper (in color of your choice)
  • paper scraps: construction paper, scrapbook paper, magazine/catalog pages
  • (optional) other flat items to collage, such as doilies, foil, patterned tape, etc.
  • glue stick
  • scissors

Now it’s time to get busy cutting and tearing paper to collage. If you have a young child, 2-4, you can pre cut images for them. Make a bunch so they have a nice amount to choose from. If your child is older, invite them to sort through a book and cut out their favorite images. You can use comic books, magazines, picture books, anything your child might find interesting.

My almost three year old chose these images from a pile of pre cut designs. She placed them throughout the paper and glued them on herself.

It is a great project to do independently or with a friend. There is no right or wrong to collage. It’s a free form craft, which is high on my list of awesome things to do with kids. Oh, and of course framing your child’s masterpiece is always a special treat. Have fun!

It took my kids about 45 minutes to complete their collages – lots of sifting through the paper scraps, cutting, tearing, gluing, and chatting!

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