Cork Boats

Need a super quick craft to keep the kids busy? Here is a really simple toy boat the kids can make themselves, then race in a local creek, lake, or even in your own bathtub! My kids love making their own toys, so this activity was a big hit with them, plus it uses mostly recycled materials!

To make your own toy boat, you will need:


  1. Glue wine corks together
  2. Make a flag. Cut paper strip. Glue it to grill-stick and cut it in shape. You may decorate flag if you want.
  3. Insert a grill-stick into the middle (between the two middle corks) to form the mast. Add a card stock sail by threading it through the toothpick, as shown.The boat is ready!

Visit a local creek, lake, or your own bathtub or water table for some creative water play!! Have fun!

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