DIY with kids- Ladybug

In a rainy day or a sick day kids love to make something out of paper. And so we made ladybugs one of these days when we cant go out.

Ready to make these cute little creatures? Let’s make them

Paper Ladybug Craft

What you need:

Cut a circle shape out of black paper (it’s best to use construction paper as base). Cut strips of red paper.

Take one strip of paper and glue it onto the base as shown on the picture. Glue on the next one at a 90° angle to the first one.

Continue with next two, placing them between the first two. Depending on the size of the ladybug you are making you will need, or better say be able to, add more strips of paper to make the body of the ladybug more full.

Cut the dots and the mouth out of black paper. Glue on the dots and mouth with the stick glue. Finally add eyes (we glued eyes with liquid glue).

Ladybugs are ready to play. Have fun!

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