Easter bunny


Because Easter is coming we decided with children make decorations. Easter bunny is one easy and funny thing to do with kids.

You need:

Firstly I painted bunny on a cardboard. I used a template for this. Make two of these.

Secondly I cut bunnies out and make a hole in belly. Like you see in the picture below.

Next take yarn and then just start wrapping! You’ll have to hold the ends until you get enough wrapped around to hold it down.

Keep wrapping and wrapping, trying to wrap as evenly as possible.  Until the center hole is FULL. Then cut the outside edge, along the cardboard circle. Tie more yarn around the center.  Because I don’t want this falling apart I doubled the yarn AND tied two strands around.

 Finally trim the pom pom to be a nice circle (it tends to be a little oval at first).

Now bunny need face! We glued 2 googly eyes to this cute bunny. Other face we painted with marker. We taped bunny ears because 2 bunny templates didn’t want to be together and were rolling.

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