Easter frame

Spring is here and Easter is coming. Is there really anything more beautiful then trees and flowers in bloom? I love the bright green grass, the sun kissing my shoulders, and the gentle cool breezes…

With spring around the corner we also get the lovely Easter Holiday. So I decided to do some home decorations for Easter .


Use your handy dandy glue gun to glue the sticks in place. Make a frame. I put 3 sticks on the each side.

Then I made a small wreath at one of the branch. This will be like a little nest. Glued paper ribbons in a wreath. Like a bird’s nest content. If there is a nest then there must be a chick.

Finally, I connected a bird’s nest to the frame. Tied a bird’s nest and the frame together paper ribbon.

Now it is easy and fast making decoration ready. Happy Easter!

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