Happy Birthday to Me: Items I’d Like for My 30th

Yep, it’s that time of year again…. my birthday! I am turning the big 3-0. Whoah. I guess I have to finally admit I’m a real grownup now right? (If husband and two kids wasn’t convincing enough…)

It happened. I made it through my 20s and this month I get 30 years old. I’m not one to worry about growing older; in fact, I welcome it as with age comes experience and knowledge, or so I hope. My 20s were such an exciting time. I graduated college, got married, I got the kids and started this blog here. Growing up never ends, and neither does experiencing life, so I’m excited to welcome my 30s and whatever they bring.

Ok. Uplifting thoughts aside, yikes, I’m 30. Forget the last paragraph of confidence aging. It was a bluff.

I’m not worried about the aging of 10 years. Birthday for me was an ordinary day special is it only that much that the relatives come to visit. But now, as it looks like a new decade, I am worried. This number seems so big, that was just yesterday when I got to 18. And now, suddenly in the 30th.

I have hope that someday our situation will be better, and a belated birthday gift will someday come my way. So I’ve assembled a fantasy wish list of some of the pretty little things that make my mama heart swoon and who knows, maybe someday down the line I’ll be able to pick something from my list and celebrate this new decade in style. A girl can dream right? <3

  1. Ankareeda Women’s Soft Leather Handbag– What better gift to celebrate coming into your 30’s than a quality handbag? I mean sure, I love a good deal from Target, but there is something to be said for owning a classic bag that will match almost everything and can last you well past your 30’s and beyond? I’ve actually handled one of these beauties and the leather is simply heavenly.
  2. Women Bikini – because summer is coming I need swimming clothes. Nice bikini to swim with my kids and sunbath my body.
  3. women gladiator sandals– No one can go without a nice summer sandals. This year would suffer gladly gladiator-style sandals.
  4. Make Up Mirror– Every woman needs a mirror putting on makeup. Even if she is a mother. Especially nifty is a mirror that has been attached to the lights and makeup mirror magnifying. 
  5. FUUT Desk Feet Hammock– This unique hammock design replaces that extra chair you use to prop your feet up. The Fuut foot rest is a desk hammock designed specifically for resting your feet.
  6. Sony Xperia Z5 Premium– As my old cell phone is already pretty old and tired, then one of my little dream is that I can have a new smartphone. Because I’m loyal to one brand of, then I would love to have a little newer Sony phone. I’m not a technical person, I would’t need the most recent version.
  7. 10.1 inch Lenovo YOGA Tablet 3 Pro– Currently we are using one computer with my husband, but if I have already started to dream, then I would love to have my own personal computer. This would make blogging easier.
  8. 2.7inch Digital Camera– In order to reach a better blog images I would need a new camera. I do not want to have any great camera, small and compact, has a very good initiative. It is easier to take and easier to capture.
  9. Smartwatch– Healthy lifestyle, I like to follow the movement of the day. In order to make it better and easier to do, I need a new smartwatch. My old watch battery out and I think it quite often between the load and still be unexpectedly blank.

So there you have what’s on my birthday wishlist! Is there anything on your birthday wishlist this year?

(Disclaimer: some of the recommendations above contain affiliate links. This means if you click my links and purchase a recommended product, I may receive a commission from an affiliate. All opinions are entirely my own, and I have not been approached or compensated by any brands to be included in this article.)

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