How to make pirate costume?

Like I write before kindergarten had birthday and the kids needed to be costumed. The boy had needed a costume. I asked him about as well, who he would want to be. Thought that the tiger would be nice. I, however, did not come to any good, and the same simple idea how to do it.

Long thought came as a result of the idea of ​​making pirate costume. In last post I described how I make sword. Now I write how I found clothes.

At first I was looking for ideas on the Internet. Some of them are here to see.

I found a suitable outfit out of the closet. I think a striped top and shorts are appropriate clothing to Pirate.

Now more accessories that make a real pirate. Bandana on head, pirate’s eye patch and sword. I make pirate’s eye patch out of felt. I cut out one eye patch and add the thin elastic.

Now it’s ready. DIY pirate costume. Voila.

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