How to make sword


Kindergarten had birthday and the kids needed to be costumed. The boy had needed a costume. I asked him about as well, who he would want to be. Thought that the tiger would be nice. I, however, did not come to any good, and the same simple idea how to do it.

Long thought came as a result of the idea of ​​making pirate costume. Let’s start the preparation of the sword. I took a piece of cardboard and drew a sword into the image. I cut out two swords that would be stronger and will not bend so easily.

If two sword image, cut out and put them on each other taped edges to keep them together. Next, I took the duct tape and taped the grain over. Now looks like a metal blade.

If the blade was taped over, and then went back to the handle. Taped with paper tape over it properly.

When the handle is taped. Then I dyed black marker on the handle (can also be painted another color), and a sword, will look like the real thing.

And then gets ready pirate sword. If desired, also suitable for the knight.

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