If Santa Claus would be a millionaire … or maybe he is !?

It is a Christmas time and inevitably comes with gifts. In my opinion, making them a rather complicated task. Still, I would like to give away something that would appeal to the recipient, make her eyes shine, and would not be able to collect dust in her cabin. But since there’s going to be a lot of gifts at Christmas time, they’re going to make the wallet empty.

Relatives sometimes ask what Santa Claus should bring. Can not answer these questions. Things that do not make a purse empty I buy myself on a rolling basis, exactly when it is needed. And what you do not buy right now is a lot to pay, so it’s not nice to wait for Christmas.

Since dreaming does not cost anything, today we are dreaming that a Santa Claus could be a millionaire.

Big things like a house do not want Christmas day, it does not fit in any way. Though I would not give up on this gift. Children could have their own rooms.

Let’s talk about more real gifts. Living room sofa is not really it anymore. The appearance is still pretty good, but its interior is quite tired. I would love if he had a different style. At the moment we have a big corner sofa, but it would be better to have two ordinary sofas. I like this sofa. That’s wonderful. I especially like this shape.

The kitchen could have a food processor with different functions. At the moment there is a small, grappling and separate mixer. One beautiful machine would be better. This does not cut, but looks very nice and leaves hands free.

I looked over your wishes for birthday. They are HERE. From there I’ve got a new smartwatch. At the moment, winter, swimwear and summer shoes are not needed. These are also things that are hard to make a gift. I have not got a personal computer, but since I am the only user of the family machine, it is not needed.

I still need a digital Camera. Pictures still come from the phone. I got my phone from Santa Claus two years ago and so she’s pretty old. He’s still working, but the new smartphone would be great.

My husband would like to have a new lawn tractor. The old one is as old as I am and the machine is old. At the moment, he is trying to put together two of the old machines, but it is not comparable to the new one and probably still needs constant repairs. The new one would require maintenance only. The robot would save a lot of time, because it mows yourself.

I would love if my daughter had her own dollhouse. Beautiful wooden house with small dolls and the necessary furniture. If she had his own room, she could have one hammock there.

My son likes minecraft and lego. It’s a terrible pleasure for him to build a variety of huts and caves. The one where he could go, he could have been in the room permanently.

My father’s laptop is pretty old. And he needs a new one. It is also used by my children when they are with grandparents. I’m happy to give her this gift, but it’s very expensive for me. The mother would need a new floor lamp. The old lamp has a broken base and it does not want to stand upright.

Now thumbs up for Santa to see this post. Perhaps, however, some of these gifts come under our spruce.

Merry Christmas for everybody. Do not overdo it with gifts. Stay better with your family and have fun together.

Do you also have any desires that you would like? Please feel free to comment, maybe the elves are reading. I totally hope for it 😉




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