Jewelry with dried plants

buy amoxil australia This time something different. But indirectly still the same. Maintaining summer time in winter in a different way.

source link I recommend using dried plants for different jewelry making. In my opinion, this would be a particularly beautiful gift and would be great for Christmas (which is not so far away). It would be a pleasure to remember the summer memories collected during the warmest summer during the coldest seasons. In this way, you can make necklaces, earrings and key rings. Why not give away even beautiful transparent plants to bring happiness to the rocks. I would like to give myself such a gift 🙂  pinterest

What do you need to do?
1. Pressed flowers (optional flowers, moss pieces, etc. Be creative)
2. The silicone form to which the mixture is poured (for example, ice cube forms or Jewelry Making molds)
3. Epoxy resin (shop here or ask directly from the shops for art bills)
4. Ear hook and fasteners that can be found in jewelry stores or here, or here.
5. Fine drill to make a small hole

Googled “jewelry accessories” and choose the right provider for you.

Various Assist Videos:

You can also use the finished medallion on the bottom:






Capture the summer sound!

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