Natural Cough medicine

Just before the spring emergence of the first glance look looking nature around to what could be the green, which would caress our souls and sip in your mouth. In most cases, they are wonderful soul-pats under our noses, just be yourself open and discover that it’s a good “new old” is, after all, was to befriend your fingertips all the time.

Nature has put the powerful drugs in our back yard, but the person is comfortable, it is necessary to push all the capsules of the total concentrate, colorful label hung on a bunch of money to ask for it, and he believes that it is good.

Our older child, a son, a frail and often sick in the winter. To him, trying to find a lighter hide the body should not be a burden. I and my husband went to the woods gathering young spruce growths and prepare a syrup, which we hope to cure cough.

The needles are rich in vitamin C and K, vitamin A, vitamin E, carotene and also contains manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt, etc.


Put crushed (we didn´t crush, you should) spruce shoots and sugar cans stacked in the form of compressed and leave to stand for a few weeks. The sugar is removed from the shoots by the action of the water with the dissolved substances, as a result, in turn, dissolves in the higher part of the sugar, and the starting material is in the form of a syrup. Also, the syrup may be prepared by vacuum evaporation while young spruce growths total amount of sugar.


Impact: Alleviation of the symptoms of colds; fights against cough; sputum laxative; softens the airways; pain relief; an anti-inflammatory; faster recovery from the common cold, a diuretic, analgesic and disinfectant properties.


• alleviating the symptoms of colds

• fights against cough

• sputum laxative

• softens the airways

• Relief of pain

• anti-inflammatory

• Faster healing colds

I share with you a recipe for a further growth of young spruce.


Young spruce growths syrup addition to the healing properties of the one to pass up a nice flavor – fits well with meat sauces pep marinade and add the bitter taste. Making syrup is similar to the dandelion honey syrup making. To make taste syrup take half a liter young spruces which pour about 2 cups of water, so that the shoots are covered with water. Let it boil and leave to infuse an hour. Then drain well and add the liquid through a sieve of about a third of a kilo of sugar and a little lemon juice. Simmer for about an hour, until the liquid boiled and changed to syrup. Then, over the syrup jar and bitter-sweet, the flavorant is present. The very nature of such a strong bitter, while sweet and slightly sour undertone nice syrup.


Young shoots of spring infusions drunk for colds and coughs. Is prepared from a 1 tablespoon finely divided young growths, One full glass boiling water, allowed to draw for 4-6 hours. Drink warm and small sips all day out.

For this time it all. Be healthy.

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