New Year- Fresh Start!

New Year- Fresh Start! The new year started. In this regard, many people allow different things. Allow to lose weight, stop drinking alcohol, start exercising, and more. A new beginning for everyone.

The first month is mostly good for everyone. Excuses will come about, why can not fulfill various promises. Very few can withstand the end of the year.

The main reason for the defeat is too grand goal. The goal is to save money for a house, for example, in a year, but this is not real. The goal is too big.

I’m not a big promise, but this time I feel I could. Last year went away somehow. Thoughts were great, but there was no concrete plan, and thoughts remained mere thoughts. So my promises come from here in 2018.

Healthier food for the family

Last year, the diet went away. Too many junk food came to our table. Just laziness. As there are also small children in the family, I have to take it and make food healthier. It is good for our health.

Loose weight- exercise

Due to unhealthy food, body weight is somewhat discouraged. There are also bad stories about the husband’s weight. Together, it’s easier and we’ll have one goal. My goal is to lose about 4 kilograms / 9 pounds. The goal of the spouse is slightly higher.

To lose weight you need to eat healthy. In the previous paragraph, I promised to engage in family eating. Let’s hope for the best. Motivation is anyway up.

We start the train quietly. You can not tighten over, then motivation will disappear. I initially aim at at least 2 45 minutes walking a week. That should be done and I definitely try to do more. But initially it’s already something.

Drink more water

Swapping your usual beverage for water is a small change that makes a big difference. Less calories, less sugar, and it keeps you hydrated and awake!

Health benefits of water

Water is your body’s principal chemical component and makes up about 60 percent of your body weight. Your body depends on water to survive.

Every cell, tissue and organ in your body needs water to work properly. For example, water:

  • Gets rid of wastes through urination, perspiration and bowel movements
  • Keeps your temperature normal
  • Lubricates and cushions joints
  • Protects sensitive tissues

Lack of water can lead to dehydration — a condition that occurs when you don’t have enough water in your body to carry out normal functions. Even mild dehydration can drain your energy and make you tired.


Enjoy life more

In the new year I enjoy life more.  We only live once. Why waste it? Trying something new. More fun. Instead of live-tweeting that big concert you finally got tickets for, why not put the phone down and enjoy the music?

More family time

More family time. Board games with family. Walking in nature. Some small trips in the area are exciting places that have not yet been visited. Less watching TV and smartphone. Home full of jokes and laughs.

Learn something new

Last year I went to study landscaping. Year of study should last until October. I will aim to finish it successfully. There should be a lot of new knowledge and skills. So far, I’ve been rather curious about machines and have not asked for help in my close learning. Fathers and spouses have worked on machines. During the studies, various machinery is taught and I can be more helpful at home gardening.

Write more

I started blogging last year. I tried to get a lot of this here, but it did not end every week. I want to be good in the new year. I want to get more here and post more.

Social media

I have 60 followers in Facebook right now. In the future, I hope that the number of followers will increase. If there are more readers, it’s better to write.
I also have a Pinterest, but it’s dead. I’m trying to awaken and even deal with it. More social media means more readers. More readers mean more motivation to write.

Save money for the house

Our house is our big dream. This year we decided to start collecting money for this purpose. All that remains is put in a house fund. We are trying to keep costs under control so that more money is left over.

These are my promises for that year. A healthier lifestyle brings more energy and, hopefully, helps to enjoy life, spend time with the family, and also deal with the blog. Do not waste time, start living.

What do you promise for the new year? Have you promised promises in the past? How have they been fulfilled?

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