Preparations for the summer

One day I decided that the time is right to start preparing for the summer. It is necessary to begin to put the seeds in the soil to the cultivation of the plants need to provide on time and in summer you have to admire the flowers and fruits which are put into the mouth.

Sorting of seed stocks and looked over to put down. In fact, I had already made a small seeding. February 20th was inserted into the soil of pepper seeds.

For some of seeds bought peat tablets in February. These are pressure of compressed peat mixture network, room temperature water is added to 50ml of the tablet.. Five tablets in February already peppered cayenne pepper. Now swelled and began to sow in 15 tablets.

Coco Pellets Seed Starting

I decided to put the soil sunflower, zucchini, mini tomatoes and mini peppers.

Sunflower Seeds,Zucchini Seeds,Mini Cherry Tomato

Sunflower I have two sorting- long, which grow up to 3 meters, and short, having fun furry flowers. I put both grow 4 pieces.

I have a green zucchini. Last year I raised the yellow too, but the taste was not so good for me. I decided to put them to grow in four pieces, and put them in pairs.

The tomato, which I put down, raises a lot, but little fruit. Because these seeds were already a few years old, I put four pieces of the tablet. If all grow, I can pinch off redundant.

Peppers should also be diminutive in stature, and a lot of small peppers grow well tip. It is decorative as well, we’ll see how delicious. These seeds I had three pieces. I put everything in soil. Like this!

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