Pumpkin in 10 ways

Halloween is over. Pumpkins that were decorated are no longer needed. What to do with them? throwing away is not feasible. Today, outline 10 options that you can take with them.

  1. Make a soup!

Soup is a delicious, useful and warming meal. Pumpkin perfectly fits the soup! And the pure steaks make the pumpkin wonderfully yellow – the dish is like a bowl of sun!

One recepie on recipetineats.com

2. Bake a cake!

Gold-yellow vegetables can also be used in cakes. Starting with the easiest handkerchief, which gives the pumpkin a nice color and pleasant moisture to the classical pumpkin spider, the result is tasty! Pumpkin can be put in pancakes and the combination of chocolate and pumpkin can also be enjoyed – in brownie-type cake.

Pumpkin Pie recipe: delish.com

3. Prepare the risotto!

Risotto is a creamy and warming dish, which also fits with a pumpkin. The classic juicer is super-delicious!

farmtotable risotto recipe.

4. Drink pumpkin! 🙂

Pumpkin is also suitable for a cocktail – delicious smoothie is beautifully pumpkin yellow and spicy sparkling flavor!

I found one smoothie on justonecookbook.com/

5. Prepare Cookies!

Large tasty pumpkin cakes, soft inside and crispy outside! Every fall hit! Pumpkin chicks are also tasty, fitting for the soup or just fuming.

Pumpkin cookies on sallysbakingaddiction.com

6. Boil jam!

Pumpkin gets sun-yellow jams! Pumpkin and Citrus communities are particularly common.

Tasty pumpkin jam: localkitchenblog.com

7. Bake the casserole!

Spaghetti is easy with chicken and pumpkin, but good dinner!

One delicious casserole: simplygluten-free.com

8. Make a salad!

Everyone knows the classic marinated pumpkin salad, right !?  We recommend fresh salad with pumpkin and pickles.

Roast Pumpkin Salad from planningwithkids.com

9. Roast in the oven!

Widely fleshy vegetables are well suited for roasting in the oven. So the pumpkin. Delicious is a cheese-roasted mace, but also a chilly and thyme-seasoned pumpkin.

Sticky roast pumpkin: taste.com.au

10. Prepare a nice pasta dish!

Finally, one very good pasta noodle – bone nuts with goat cheese and pumpkin sauce. It’s worth a try!

Pumpkin pasta: therecipecritic.com

Have a pumpkin!

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