Recipe – Cherries in syrup

It’s time to start autumn and it’s time to start preparing for winter. We like to pick up winter stocks and eat your picked and stored things in the winter.
I first packed dill, parsley and peppermint for the winter. I picked them up, cleaned and dried. When they had dried up, I thinned them a little and put them in the boxes, it’s good to take and put in the kitchen in the winter and put in the food and do the tea.
Next came cherries. At first, we just dumped them from the tree, but it was time to pick them up and do something.

Picking was easy. At that, the children were helpful. The tree was quickly empty and buckets were full of berries.
Now we had to plan what to do with them. At first we were planning to evaporate and make juice, but there was little berry and did not start to revolt after a drop of juice.
We decided to put the cherries in the syrup. Now I also share with you the recipe how we did it.
Washed, without stems, cherries, to put in pre-washed cans in hot water. If the jars are full of cherries, pour them over the syrup. Carefully raise the syrup filled with syrup into a large pot, the bottom of which is placed either a special tray or use an old, multiple folded towel. Just do not put the bottom of the pot, so the cans are broken. Put the cloth in the pot before adding water, otherwise the cloth will not fit properly into the bottom of the pot if the water is already in the pot. Before pouring into the cans, the water could be hot in the hot pot.
The water could be placed in the pot next to the jars so that the jars would be three-quarters of the water. This should be taken into account when pouring water into the water, so that the water level increases significantly with the water jets.

Nothing happens even if the syrup on the berries has already cooled down in the jar, but the hot water in the pot, you just have to watch that the pugs do not break in the water.


  • 1 l of water
  • 500 g sugar

Put water and sugar in a pot, stir and allow it to rise, then it can be poured into the berries, but maybe let it cool somewhat when the berries are not yet ready in cans.At the time of the pot, I warmed the jars on medium heat for 45 minutes, but it is relative, depending on the contents of the jar and the temperature of the water in the pot.

What do you realize is now the right time to take the jars? Small bubbles are formed around cherries and some of the places are slightly broken in cherry skin, then, in my opinion, is the right time.
Close immediately removed cans tightly. Place the cans upside down. Let stand and cool.

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