Recipe- Peppermint syrup

Preparations for the winter are in full swing. The pantry needs filling. I write about what is at the moment the most important. The recipes have already come in several pieces. Some are coming. I want to share good ideas with you too.

What to do in the garden ridge with peppermint that is quietly with the size of the forest, if already enough to dry up the road? Still, peppermint syrup! The beautiful light green syrup is a wonderful example for making various desserts and cocktails.

Summer and mojito? Of course they come together! And with the mint syrup, the preparation is even more dull. So pick the peppermint from the garden! The recipe is easier to simplify: boil the sugar syrup and let the peppermint leaves stand there enough to give them the taste and color.

Peppermint syrup

  • 1 part water
  • 1 part sugar
  • A huge handful of fresh mint leaves

Wash and mash the mint bitterly. Use both stems and leaves. Measure the pot in equal amounts of water and sugar. Preheat the mixture until the sugar melts. Add the peppermint leaves and heat at low heat for a quarter of an hour to make the syrup thicken. Turn off the cooker and leave the leaves to stand for half an hour under the lid. Spill liquid in bottles and let cool.

Besides mojito, peppermint syrup is perfectly suitable for hot drinks and why not even try it in sauces and marinades? Also, peppermint syrup can be added to the mint water by adding a nice cool lemonade, which is definitely essential on hot summer days.
It’s all so tasty that the mint can be run out before it gets full.
Good testing. It’s delicious.

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