Recipe: Red currant jelly with chilly and rosemary

Red currant is a maker! Often, it is in trouble with excessively prolonged curls, which no-one is bothering to pick up, and nobody’s bothering to do anything about it.

It is true that because of its seed vigor and sheaths, red currant is not just a favorite of jam. And the grandmother’s method of making a clear jerky without seeds was a pretty thorough undertaking. I remember from the childhood a large bench in the middle of the room, tied under a gauze and a gauze under a large bowl, the gills were thrown down into the gauze, and then the whole juice was squeezed out of the gauze by a few people. This activity usually lasted for the first half of the day. On the afternoon, she sat down, slowly clogged juice and sugar. As I remembered it was necessary to do this for one hour in a bowl. One cup was not enough. Then came next and then the next …. This mixing was necessary in order for the mass later to wiped the gum into a change. Eventually there were several dozen cans of reddish jelly and the window was long blinded. For this year, the act of red currant jelly was made.
It does not cause it to be described in a jellyfish, maybe you have too much enthusiasm 🙂
However, in the wintertime, it was still nice to eat a golden yellow biscuit made from eggs from my grandmother chickens, with milk and cream cream and red and yellow jar on the inside and on top. So far, the tormented grandmother’s cakes are reminded.

It was much easier for us, children, to approach the red currants – gravel, a bit of shingles, then in the room and a mug of cobbles on the bottom of the canteen, with a fork breaking, a lot of sugar, a variety of milk and a nice summer dessert again.
And of course, the main drink of the year was the Red Riding Rope, which was blessed to spring, and which was a compulsory element on every long lane.
Nowadays, the art of becoming descended from this, and pure red tricks can buy from the store for a lot of money.

In fact, in 2017, it will not be so painful to make one-colored red-tape remover, because we all have a great deal of relief for jam sugar. And since my last very memorable experiences of red currant have been an amazingly perfect collaboration with red meat and red currant, I took the red jelly, which is more like a meat-eating creature.

To do this you need:

  • 1 kg of red currants
  • 1-2 chilly peas shredded
  • Chilly powder if desired
  • Rosemary
  • 200-300 g 1: 3 jam sugar (I put it less)
  • Tipped salt
Heat the red currant with a little water and place it on the gauze or dampen it. Spread the maximum amount of red currant juice on the squeegees or squeeze the juice out of the berries with a spit sticks.

Add the jam sugar, chopped chilly peas, to taste the rosemary and the tipped salt to the resulting red currant juice. Boil in low heat for ten minutes. At the same time, place the oven at 100 degrees for approximately 20 minutes in the jars to sterilize them. Raise jars from the oven, pour hot jelly in jars, close the covers and cool down. In such a relationship, a jelly appeared that was not too bad. It’s just a nice sparkling additive on a plate to make it look like a mass.

However, if you want a sweet jelly, you can leave chilly out, for example to add a mint, vanilla, cinnamon or other jelly, to slightly increase the amount of sugar, and then you should make a delicious, sour cake jam.
This sweet and sharp red currant sauce for meat dishes, however, is now waiting for cooler appetite when flesh beating again. Red wine in addition, and believe the taste is flawless!

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