Because Spring is so cold this year (it April and still is snowing, it won’t stay but it’s cold everywhere) I wanted to write about winter.

At a time when I still was a child, we had winters with snow. We sledding, skiing, made a snowman, playing snowball fight, and much more. Everywhere was nice and white and snowy. In most cases winter was snowy. Some winters the snow was poorer, but because the majority were still snow in winters, they do not pop up.

Now, the winters are largely without snow. Most of the winter rainy and muddy. Ugly muggy weather. Ugly.

After all, the kids are waiting for the snow. I would like tobogganing. That’s so nice. White and snowy ground, after all, would be so beautiful, but no snow.

These days if you are somehow miraculously the snow came down. Then there are the children of ultra happy and try to exploit it with maximum.

I´m also like a little kid in snow days and I enjoy it completely. We spent most day in the snow. We made snowman, sledding, snow shoveling. Since there was little snow, we did not build a castle. Snow War also did not play, because the smaller child is still too small. We hope to be more snowy days. We like snow very much.

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