Spring seeding with kids

I want to involve children a lot in my doings. Because I like gardening a lot then let the children feel the joy of self-cultivation.

After a day of kindergarten, I called them in the kitchen and took a sugar pea seeds. Both got their box, where had been inside the soil. I put on the table a bowl of peas and promised to put them in as much as they want. And they wanted a lot. LOT I mean : D

When the seeds of the box gave them into the hands of water splashing and they got their water the seeds.

When the peas and the soil beneath them was a moist, and then we add the soil and sprayed again. Then name labels on and onto the window.

Thursday morning saw a larger child, the peas rising and was very pleased. Because they had a lot together, then pressed parts themselves out from under the soil.

Now we expect that the shoots grow larger, and then we can make them a salad. I hope that this salad tastes good to them. Still, self-cultivation.

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