We moved to country for summer

There has been some silence here.

We moved to the country for summer. The sun always shines here and the birds sing – so enjoyable! Children have a lot of fun in the countryside, outdoors in the morning and in the evening in the room. We spend a little time in the room. Mostly, we only eat and we sleep there. Sometimes we even eat out. In the city we spend most of our time in the four walls – in our apartment.

We live with our spouse’s mother and father. They live in the countryside for a whole year. Our only summer. At other times, we often visit them.

There is a lot to do on the country. It is necessary to mow, plant, ditch, care for animals and birds. And much more. The activities will continue for the whole day.

The silence here is because of the lack of time. There is, of course, another reason for this. There is no decent internet on the countryside. Most of the time I use a smartphone, but it’s inconvenient to blog. I will try to improve it further.

In the summer, it is pleasant in the countryside. Last weekend we celebrated the midsummer.

At night, we go outside and sit on the back steps and search the stars for the constellations we could never see from our home.

We’re happy here.

Over to you. Which is better? Country or city…

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