We took the baby chicks

As I spoke in the previous post, we moved to the land. There we have fields for growing vegetables. There are some rabbits too. And of course chickens. In the spring we brought 10 chickens. This year I decided that we would take small chicks too. We took 16 chicks.

Kids love chicks very much. They want to touch them. Children help to care for chicks. Help them eat.

We installed a light on the one side of our brooder. Chicks will give you some signs if they are too hot or too cold. If they are too hot, they will begin panting and move as far away from the heat as possible. If too cold, they will huddle together.

Feed is relatively inexpensive for young chicks. If you go to any farmer’s market or farm retail store, chicks will need starter feed for the first few weeks. That’s a special mash containing protein and nutrients to help the little ones grow.

Water is particularly important, as little chicks will drink a lot. Be prepared to change the water at least two or three times a day, as chicks will do their business everywhere.

Now the chicks have been with us for 18 days and they have grown much larger. In warm weather, we practice them outdoors. With a husband and wife, we built a secure yard for them. We have cats and a dog for whom chicks must be protected.

It’s nice to follow the activity of chickens. Believe it or not, raising baby chicks is a lot easier than you might think. It just requires constant attention.

After about five or six weeks, those chicks will be feathered enough to be sent out into the coop. After a few more weeks, roosters might begin to crow. A few more weeks down the road, hens will begin to lay eggs.

I want to offer the children as much as possible real rural life. They will be able to experience the city life in the future, and yet. Most of the society today has been urbanized.

Do you like more city or rural life?

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