What to do with chilies? 7 different options can be found here.

There are people who grow so many chilies in the greenhouse that they can be marinated and also share your friends.

This summer happened to me so that the chilies grew more than necessary. But what to do with them, when marinated for many years and friends have already got enough.

Today, I will show you 7 different ways what to do with chilies.

  1. Marinated chilly.

As I already mentioned, one option is to marinate them. This recipe teaches you to use whole chili, but I made some jars with sliced ​​chilies.

1 kg (2,2 lb) of chili
1 l (4 cups) Water
1 tablespoons of vinegar 30%
3 tablespoons Sugar
1 tablespoons Salt

  •  Heat the marinade to boiling. Add whole chili pepper and cook for about 5 minutes to make them crispy.
  • Put hot chilly with marinade in pre-heated jars.. Close the covers.

2. Different recipes with chilly

Chilli can be used in many recipes. For example, I have made red currant jelly with chilly and rosemary myself, this recipe is here.

3. Frozen Chilies

Cut off the green ends. Crush (with a blender or a knife). Put in a box or bag. Put the freezer. Shaved spicy apricots can also be placed on ice cubes and then poured rendered butter, coconut fat, water or broth according to your wishes – so that ready-to-use portions are always available. Maintain about a year. If you can not run out before. Use in foods.

4. Dried Chilies

The shop is the easiest to buy any kind of chilly dried, but nothing prevents it from doing the same with home-made chilies. To do this, they should be split lengthwise and dry, for example, on baking paper in a warm and airy place. Ideal to use a food dryer. If the dryer is not available, the oven or the central heating radiator is also suitable for very low temperatures. The heating radiator only if it is completely fireproof!One way to dry the chilies is by cutting them with a thin twine or a thicker thread. And with it, hang up in the kitchen. Dried chilies are stored in a box of paper or in a glass jar in a regular kitchen cabinet.

5. Chilies in oil

Various herbs and so chilly can be successfully stored in oil. To do this, a sufficient amount of chalk must be chopped and put into a suitable glass container. Pour over, for example, olive oil. It should be kept in mind that the stored material could be very scavenging, so the less oil, the harder the result. An advanced tutorial on how to chilli in oil is here.


6. Chili in various mixes

Various lightly heated or crude mixes are also on the agenda. Chili can be used as a flavoring in all tomato mixes, but also as a key ingredient in pasty blended with herbs. Maintaining them will help them with all the chilly famine and the added fat to get better consistency.

7.Chilies decorations.

But the chilies aren’t just for eating. They can also be used for decoration. To keep the decorations longer, it’s good to dry the chilies. Various decoration ideas can be found on Pinterest.com. Here are some examples. I myself put dried chilies in the kitchen on the dining table.

My dining table.





More ideas from pinterest.

There are many more things you can do with chilies. There are 7 options for this. Enough this time. A thunderous autumn for you.

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