Winter bird feeding

Winter is over for now, but I want to write about it.

This winter I decided to begin bird feeding. I just wanted to show to my children birds very close. At the beginning I bought the store bird feeding balls. But pretty soon I decided try to make myself bird feed.

Birdfeeders are really simple to make, which means they’re a quick and fun project to do with children of all ages.

Little ones will love watching the birds tucking into their latest craft project and it’s a great opportunity to help children learn a bit more about our native wildlife. Providing extra food for them will mean they’re more likely to keep coming back to your garden.

So I studied the Internet how to do it. Now I show how I made it.

I found that the birds eat well – sunflower seeds, millet, wheat, oatmeal, various flours, different nuts and etc. Lard keeps the bird meal together. Finally it was necessary to decide how it would hang. Because the winters are no longer cold, then it is better than the food inside the container. Because I like recycling, I decided to use metal cans. You may use orange cord or something you want to.


First I washed metal cans and I made a hole ready for hanging bird feeder. A hole I made with hammer and stud. I used to hang feeders with cable ties.

Now you need to melt lard in a pot and then add the seeds, flakes and flour as you want. Mix well  I added all ingredients mixed and looked if mix is good or needs to add something as well. The mix is good when lard covers all ingredients and mixture is thick.

Now the mixture is ready to put it in cans and let to cool down and harden. We placed ours in the freezer for about an hour to speed things up.

As these are harden, then they are ready to be eaten. Put them on you garden and wait birds to come. Now find a quiet place to sit and watch as the birds fly in! Enjoy bird view.

Next winter could nicely paint tins, because some of them have printed picture on metal. Some had paper label and these I removed when I washed them.

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